Lower Environmental Impact

Steel is one of the most sustainable construction materials. Its strength and durability coupled with its ability to be recycled, again and again, without ever losing quality, make it truly compatible with long term sustainable development.

Cost Effective and Quick to Build

Construction is quick and simple with the tugela steel portal frame system components. This means high quality results anywhere, using low-cost, low-skilled labour and shorter timeframes.

Benefits of Steel Structures
  • Durability
  • Ease of assembly
  • Structures come in the form of a kit structure
  • Cost effective
  • Speed of construction
  • Lower environmental impact

Strong and Design-flexible

Steel’s inherent strength enables architectural and design flexibility

Durable and Safe

Exceptional resistance to fire, corrosion and pests, portal frame steel buildings are the first choice for extreme environmental conditions. Because steel doesn’t need treating with pesticides, preservatives or glues, it’s also safer for people handling and living or working around it.

Environmentally Friendly

Steel portal frame structures last longer, are light and easy to transport and create minimal raw material waste. At the end of its long life, steel can also be fully recycled.

Speed of Erection

Steel structures can be erected quite rapidly. This normally results in quicker economic payoff.

Repetitive Use

Steel can be reused after a structure is disassembled.

Quality of Construction

Steel structures can be built with high-quality workmanship and narrow tolerances.

Adaption of Prefabrication

Steel is highly suitable for prefabrication and mass production.

Ease of Repair

Steel structures in general can be repaired quickly and easily.

Fatigue Strength

Steel structures have relatively good fatigue strength.

Extending Existing Structures

Steel buildings can be easily extended by adding or adapting the structures with the following:

  • Lean-to Structures
  • Canopies/Verandas/ Overhangs
  • South Lights
  • Ridge Monitors
  • Adjoining Structures (Common Columns)
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