Tugela Steel has been trading for over 30 years; started in 1984 by current owner Knut Haug, Tugela Steel has grown and expanded significantly within this time and is now proud to be the leading steel structure manufacturer of the 12m-36m span range in Southern Africa.

Being in a position to source and acquire steel sections in bulk, from steel suppliers in Southern Africa and beyond its borders, makes Tugela Steel the only company of its kind with over 100 buildings in stock and ready for delivery.

This trademark of Tugela Steel is what makes its steel prices extremely competitive and cost effective.

Tugela Steel - head office
Steel frame
Tugela Steel has played a major role in revolutionising the portal steel frame structure industry, and to an extent has achieved what Henry Ford did to the motor industry.

Tugela Steel structures are at the forefront of modern design, flexibility, value for money and what it considers as its number one priority: Quality. Tugela Steel’s structures are all designed for further expansion to be able to accommodate growth and varying degrees of application and use.

Tugela Steel’s structures have a wide range of use in industry, agriculture, mining, aviation and retail.

Tugela Steel prides itself on their excellent service and integrity, with a focused team who are dedicated and committed to maintaining and enhancing Tugela Steel’s status as the superior supplier of steel structures in the industry.

The Tugela steel factory based in Colenso, KZN, South Africa is conveniently situated near the major steel mills, and has developed good relationships with its suppliers, giving it the ability to hold in excess of 100 buildings in stock at any one time.

Product quality control and high levels of service, topped off with a competitive pricing strategy has always enabled Tugela Steel to be at the forefront of modern business and innovation. Tugela Steel’s ability to provide fast track service is due to the large stockholding of prefabricated modular components that are available in our warehouses, which enables immediate dispatch on receipt of orders.

Tugela Steel - factory
Tugela Steel - magazine feature
KwaZulu-Natal based company, Tugela Steel, is expanding its niche in South Africa, as well as internationally into Africa and further afield for portal frame clear span steel buildings, deploying a fleet of Cat telehandlers at its Colenso production facility to meet materials handling demands.
Tugela Steel also boasts very efficient and professional erection crews that ensure your steel structures are erected to stringent quality and control procedures.

Tugela Steel is a forever expanding operation and will continue to manufacture and deliver its leading quality, precision, and design. If you would like to find out more about Tugela Steel or our steel buildings and steel structures in South Africa please contact us on +27 31 566 4601 or click here to request a quote.

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